International Women's Forum Connecticut

Supporting each other and impacting Others

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The International Women’s Forum Connecticut (IWFCT) is an invitation-only membership organization and part of a network of 74 affiliates of the International Women's Forum (IWF) worldwide. IWF is comprised of more than 7,000 diverse and accomplished women from 33 nations on six continents.    


Chapter members tap the strong local and international network to exchange ideas and experiences, to learn and inspire, to promote stronger leadership and the advancement of women.


Our Vision is to be the preeminent women's organization of well recognized, respected and empowered women in Connecticut, who are committed to supporting one another and impacting others.


Our Mission is to bring together accomplished and professional women leaders of significant and diverse achievement and provide them with unique and innovative experiences that contribute to their support and advancement.


Our Value Proposition combines both the value our members benefit from IWF globally and IWFCT Locally

IWF Value

Global Unparalleled Network and Unique Experiences

  • Global Community

  • Multi Function.  Multi Disciplinary

  • Mentoring through Fellows Program

  • Unparalleled Network of Executive Women leaders

  • Leading Educational Opportunities and Thought Leadership


Local Peer to Peer Supportive Community of Women Leaders

  • Regional Focus.  Reciprocal IWF Affiliate Relationship

  • Multi Function. Multi Disciplinary

  • Community Engagement.  Peer-to-peer connections

  • Supportive community of Women Leaders

  • Compelling Programs


IWF Connecticut affords its members opportunities to:

  • Network with other women in leadership roles across many sectors including business, education, healthcare, financial services, academia, technology and consulting.  Members have a shared goal of expanding their knowledge of world issues and their commitment to personal and professional development 


  • Attend events with prominent speakers from across a broad spectrum of expertise and viewpoints.  Meaningful relationships are developed through formal and informal get-togethers where members engage in stimulating conversations and establish a sense of camaraderie.


  • Participate in mentorship and philanthropic activities including the support of girls ages 8-18, young women and emerging leaders.


  • Enjoy the International Women’s Forum membership and the opportunity to attend annual IWF conferences–one in North America and another at an International location hosted by the local IWF Chapter.  Members also enjoy the opportunity to attend certain events held by the IWF NY Forum. 

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