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How do I join the International Women’s Forum of Connecticut (IWFCT)?

Candidates for IWFCT are women who have attained a senior leadership position in their organizations and who have the potential to grow in influence within or outside of the organization. Candidates must demonstrate a level of community engagement as well as a commitment to mentoring women at all ages and stages to reach their full potential.

Do I need to know someone in order to join the IWFCT?
When you first begin to learn about IWFCT, it is helpful to know at least one individual who is a current IWFCT member and who will agree to endorse your candidacy. The current member should be someone who knows you personally and/or professionally and who can speak to your qualifications for membership while serving as your sponsor throughout the process. Your sponsor will bring you to IWFCT meetings and introduce you to other women in the group who can support your membership.​

What is the time commitment if I join IWFCT?
IWFCT hopes that every member will be an active member! Active members attend as many monthly meetings as possible throughout the year and they agree to participate fully on a committee, helping to plan programs and recruit new members.

Will membership in IWFCT interfere with my work and/or travel schedule?
Meetings typically take place on weekday evenings, beginning at 6 pm with informal networking, followed by dinner and a program. Most meetings conclude by 9:00 PM.

Are the meetings held in a restaurant or public space or are they held in a member’s home?
We meet in public spaces like restaurants and also in members' homes when that is more convenient. We try to select locations throughout Connecticut to make the travel time equalized for the members.​

Thank you for your interest in IWFCT.  For additional information please send an email to  

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